Honest MONAT Balance System Review for my 4C Natural hair



I’ve been using MONAT for over 90 days now and while I love the RENEW Shampoo and the Replenishing Masque and I am in LOVE with the Rejuvenique Oil,  I am NOT a fan of the Leave In Conditioner.

I know some people say it works wonders for them. For me I felt my hair was dry and crisp, definitely NOT what I was going for. I’ve written down my past regimen and how I felt about it and each product, as well as my current regimen and my thoughts, so check out below if you want to learn more!

I am a Managing Market Partner with MONAT but I will NOT just go ahead and recommend the BALANCE line to make a buck. I’ve had so many issues with my hair and to have finally found something that works is amazing but I also want to be honest about what I felt did NOT work for me which is why I am doing a completely honest review. Read on for more details


1. I detangle my hair and moisten it with a bit of water then rinse it thoroughly to loosen any dirt and oil on my scalp.I usually don’t pick my hair out because its still super short.

2. I let warm water run over my hair and scalp as I massage with the pads of my fingertips. I like to repeat my daily affirmations whenever I am touching my crown so that I can put positivity at the actual source.

3. I shampoo once or twice if I’m not short on time. Again I repeat my positive daily affirmations and really concentrate on my “healing spots”.

For wash-n-gos I usually follow this next step:

4. I rinse thoroughly then do a cool water rinse to help close the cuticles on my hair shafts. Then I’ll apply the Replenish Masque out of the shower as part of my L.O.C. method and then my gel or curling cream of choice (check back for my reviews on a few curling products I’ve been using).

(If I need to do a deep conditioning treatment I apply the masque first and warm then cool water rinse after letting it sit for up to 15 mins. I’ve also slept with the Masque in my hair.)

5. After drying my hair with a t-shirt I do a simple wash-n-go or apply my EVOO and Replenish Masque or Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner, my wig cap and the chosen wig of the day.

So now here’s my opinion of each item in the Balance System.


Renew Shampoo
First this shampoo is super concentrated. A little goes a long way. When I use the shampoo I leave it on my hair for about 5 minutes and I actually can feel my hair separating into curls, but to make my curls pop I still need to do some sort of gel or curling cream. The shampoo does give a bit of a tingling sensation when you first use it, but I’ve been using the products for a while now, so I don’t actually feel it anymore. The smell is awesome, very fresh and clean, and it lasts a long time.
I think the package design is pretty cool too, it’s made to stand on its top which you simply twist to dispense the product. I think that’s fantastic to make sure you completely empty the bottle.

I’d say this is the one of the most moisturizing shampoos I have ever used, and I would recommend it to other people with dry or frizzy hair who need extra moisture. If your hair is fine and gets weighed down easily OR your hair/scalp gets greasy/oily fast, then you may want to try the VOLUME line from MONAT.



Replenish Masque

The Replenish Masque is pretty amazing. It’s thick and creamy and I can almost feel my hair melting as the rich conditioners penetrate my hair. The container for me was a good size, however, when my hair was BSL, I probably would need to mix this conditioner with another cheaper conditioner, because it just wouldn’t be enough. However, as a once in a while deep conditioning treatment, I’d definitely use it on longer hair, just beware, you won’t get many uses the thicker and longer your hair is.

I currently use the masque maybe 1-2x monthly, one of which times is an overnight treatment. I do still feel the masque’s tingling when I use it, unlike the shampoo.

I like the packaging  of the Replenish Masque as well because I do fully intend to recycle it and make my own hair or skin concoctions- it’s the perfect size.

Again, this is a pretty heavy conditioner, and may not be suited for thin, fine hair that gets weighed down easily, unless used as a special treatment for dry, brittle or breaking strands.


Restore Leave-In Conditioner

I have nothing good to say about this product for my hair type. I used it faithfully in the beginning but noticed my hair immediately felt dry as soon as I rubbed it in. In fact, after rinsing the Replenish Masque out of my hair, I found myself excited about the softness and moisture, but as soon as I put the Leave-In in my hair, it would feel very dry like straw or something.

I will say though that I have heard its best for heat treated hair, such as women who press, flat iron or blow dry their hair. It does seem like it would make blowing your hair out easier since it was so drying for my hair, it’s just definitely not a product for me, and how I wear my hair on a regular basis. Perhaps when I grow out my hair and maybe try heat,  I may revisit the Restore Leave-In, just not right now.

As far as packaging goes, it has a little pump action, which I also don’t really like for a leave-in, I prefer tubes.

Rejuvenique Oil

I am not doing a full review on Rejuvenique Oil on this post, because I will instead be posting shortly a Post and Video on a bunch of different ways I use the oil, but I did want to update you on the status of my using the oil. I use it almost daily on my skin and cuticles and lips, more than I use it in my hair. I feel like the amount of oil in the container (1oz) makes it pretty hard to use as a true hair oil; my hair is  short but thick, so I have to use way too much of it to be economically feasible. However, as a special treatment, I add some drops of it to my cheaper carrier oil (usually EVOO or Coconut oil and EVOO mixed) or I add a few drops to my leave-in conditioner (Cantu Shea butter) but usually I don’t add any extra to the Replenish Masque since it’s already in there.

The packaging is pretty high tech with a cool silver vile, glass dropper and plunger action. I learned the hard way the dropper is glass while on vacation, I dropped it on a tile floor and had to pick up every little glass particle! I no longer can use the dropper function because it’s broken in half and all jagged, but I can still pour a few drops out as needed. I also love the included insert with the oil! It’s super cool and has tons of information and uses for this amazing 11 blend oil.

So that’s my review and Updated Regimen for the MONAT Balance System line of products. If I change my regimen again, I will definitely do another update, but for now I’m pretty happy with the products, and with my regimen.

All products can be purchased by visiting this link: http://navigatingnatural.mymonat.com.

If you have questions on which system is best for your hair type, just comment below.


 ~Dani C.
P.S. if you are interested to learn how I care for my little girl’s dreads, styles, etc. as well as more Natural Hair Discussion, please subscribe or Follow me on Instagram @navigatingnatural or Twitter @navnatural!



2 thoughts on “Honest MONAT Balance System Review for my 4C Natural hair

  1. Jillian Adams Corley says:

    What a great review. Thank-you for your comments and honesty. The Restore Leave-In Conditioner is not for everyone as you mentioned. That is why we encourage mixing and matching products to find the perfect solution for your hair. One size does not fit all and we recognize this. Everyone is different and has unique hair needs, what works for one, may not for another. That is why we just introduced (last week) two new products and 4 new MONAT Systems – to give our customers more purchasing power and choices when it comes to our products. And, all of our products are designed to work together and will deliver great results. We love our Market Partners and encourage your input.

    Jillian Corley
    VP of Product Development

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